Applying Transdermal magnesium directly onto the skin, is an effective method of receiving the benefits of magnesium supplementation and alleviating magnesium deficiency. Benefits identified through application and absorption on the skin

  • Longer and better-quality sleep
  • Reduced muscle aches and discomfort
  • Improved skin
  • Better relaxation and stress management
  • Better energy levels
  • Improved moods
  • Reduction in restless leg twitches
  • The additional benefit of skin application by hand allows for targeted application to tender body areas, muscle trigger points and aching/stiff joints.
  • It avoids disruption in the gastrointestinal tract, sometimes experienced with other oral magnesium’s supplementation products.
  • Ideal for deeper massage work after sports and more intensive activities.
  • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and the elderly.